GCC Moodle Workshop Video Series Hit Counter
Video Content Notes Minutes Moodle Tool
1. General Video Collection      
      a.  Request a Course and Support Available PDF 11 Request a Course
      b.  Introduction to Moodle PDF 25 Home Page Overview
      c.  Manage Your Overall Profile & Course Specific Settings PDF 25 Instructor Preferences
      d.  Instructors Need to Enter this Information for Moodle to Work PDF 8 Course ID and Name
2.  Web-Enhanced Class Moodle Video Collection      
      a.  How to Upload and Make Files Available to Students PDF 17 Posting Files
      b.  How to Create and Make Web Pages Available to Students PDF 12 Posting Pages
      c.  How to Setup External URL's for Students PDF 9 Posting URL's
      d.  How to Setup Online Messaging with Students PDF 19 Messaging
3.  Hybrid Class Moodle Video Collection      
      a.  How to Communicate Latest News to Students PDF 35 Announcements
      b.  How to Manage Your Private Files in Moodle PDF 16 My Private Files
      c.  How to Post Assignments and Collect them Online     Assignments
      d.  How to Setup a Calendar that Shows Upcoming Events PDF 20 Calendar
      e.  How to Create a Gradebook and Manage Grades PDF 55 Grades
      f.   How to Create and Manage a Test Bank     Question Bank
      g.  How to Create and Manage Quizzes and Exams     Assessments
4.  Online Class Moodle Video Collection      
      a.  How to Setup a Chat/Virtual Office Hours     Chat
      b.  How to Setup a Lesson     Lessons
      c.  How Setup Discussion Boards     Forums
      d.  How to Setup a Wiki.     Wiki
      e.  How to Setup a Turnitin Assignment     Turnitin